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  • Masters of Science in Nursing – University of Illinois at Chicago - Chicago, Illinois

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Loyola University – Chicago, Illinois

  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish - Loyola University – Chicago, Illinois

About Marilynn...

Marilynn E. James is a dedicated nursing professional with over 40 years’ experience working effectively as a Registered Nurse, Occupational Health Nurse and Nurse Manager across multiple industries.


I spent my life balancing multiple endeavors simultaneously. As I reflect over my years of service as a nurse, I realize God gave me extra strength to fulfill many roles, including that of daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and friend on the personal side. I have now shifted to pursue my passion-work as a mentor, teacher, entrepreneur and community service leader.


My education and adjunct faculty experience have prepared me to endure long-range project planning and goal setting while pursuing Nursing and Spanish Degrees simultaneously. Additionally, God gave me strategies to complete onsite nursing practicums while honing my Spanish speaking and writing skills. I used these experiences to springboard my long-standing career and now my passion work!!


Weaving faith into daily interactions is my true passion. Hence, we live in an era where relying on God is not widely accepted nor easily explained during short social encounters. However, many urgent situations present daily so that my God-given talents can shine (e.g., singing, my personality and approach-ability as well as, my boldness to spread God’s word through prayer and scripture reading). Singing situational songs is God’s way of breaking up doldrums (stagnation, inactivity or depression), in people’s lives; this remains a ministry high point for me. I love the surprise on people’s faces when a song is tailored to them!


Praying through difficult and seemingly impossible situations is challenging and yet encouraging because Psalm 99:6 highlights that God answers prayer...

"Moses and Aaron among his priests, and Samuel among them that call upon his name; they call upon the Lord, and he answered them."

I treasure being a beacon of hope in this generation because I believe that Jesus Christ is Savior and Lord, Acts 2:36-38. He died so that we could have abundant life, St. John 10:10.


I wrote “Fully Persuaded Faith” at a low point in my life in 2007-2008. Writing gave me an outlet while my mom was ill with cancer and my youngest brother was then hospitalized with MS (multiple sclerosis); both are now deceased. Watching them suffer long-term simultaneously forever changed me! I witnessed God’s answered prayers time and time again as my daily role as a wife, mother and teacher continued during their illnesses. I learned that God is a strength giver and a heavy load carrier, while one caretakes. He is always there as Jehovah Shammah, Ezekiel 48:35.


Going forward, I plan to coach young people on life skills and the inherent stresses in adulthood as well as continue prayer and singing support for those in need.

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