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Declaration Power...

We live in a day and time when everyone has an opinion about any subject. What are we declaring over our lives and families? Know that "death and life are in the power of our tongues; those who love it will eat its fruit", Proverbs 18:21.

Often, we say things like - "This is killing me." We might agree with someone that we are not "looking good". Also, we mutter phrases like "I only have bad luck" or "Anything that can go wrong, does". Understand that our declarations take root in our lives and flourish with these outcomes we may casually state.

Therefore, it is critical to focus on what we are saying and what we mean. When we agree with a given potentially negative statement, the information spoken automatically starts unfolding promptly, because those sentiments are released into the air.

When we "decree something, it will stand; light will shine on our ways", Job 22:28 (Common English Bible). This means that our words have the power to bring things into our lives. What we declare can be positive or negative.

An example is when I learned Spanish as a high school and college student. Often, I was told that I was Amercian and that learning a second language was not beneficial or easy. I repeatedly told onlookers that I could learn it. I didn't tell them I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning to study it after I finished my other coursework.


  • What endeavors are onlookers mentioning to you that appear impossible?

  • Where will you draw strength to complete your dreams?

  • How do you plan to circumvent any naysaying ideas?

  • When do you make time to declare your future?

Calls to actions:

  • Do declare positive things over every project that you have.

  • Share this thought process with others.

  • Purchase either "Fully Persuaded Faith" which highlights what positive things can be spoken in illness situations or "Live Abundantly" which spotlights how to live amply:

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