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Anticipating 2023

It's that time of year when we reflect on how quickly time passed and envision the future.

Often, we start a New Year's to-do list with successful weight loss heading the goals because we know that Christmas or other holidays invite us to "taste" more food than usual. Also, we plan to be organized and spend time with loved ones and friends. Often, these desires spiral downward by the end of January.

Contemplation about a bull or bear market will continue. Inflation impacts are on our minds.

The climate crisis and homelessness remain at the forefront. All of these concerns exist, yet the One who made us has the answer to anything that affects our families or our world.

We are free to include God in our plans and to ask Him to establish plus order our steps, Psalm 37:23.

You may inquire what is the benefit of God establishing our steps are. See below.

Benefits of Established Steps

  • Favor - We obtain consideration for our next endeavor, Luke 2:52.

  • Forgiveness - When we want forgiveness, we must forgive others, Matthew 6:14-15.

  • Guidance - As we approach unknown junctures in life, He can connect us with needed resources Philippians 4:19.

  • Joy - If strength ebbs because of daily living challenges, seek joy because that is our strength Nehemiah 8:10.

  • Peace - When we learn that striving with others bears little fruit, it is easier to halt strife quickly, Proverbs 20:3.

  • Protection - It can be lifesaving when we follow a critical thought to do an activity in a specific way, Psalm 91:14-15.

  • Provision - He is ever-present to supply essentials, Genesis 22:12-15.

  • Rest - If we believe that God is all-knowing, we can be confident in tense situations, Psalm 46:1.

Indeed, we are partners with God. Let us enter the New Year with collaboration on our minds. Pray. Strategize. Enter 2023 with constructive ideas and plans.

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Blessings for a bright, safe and prosperous New Year!

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