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Fully Persuaded Faith

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"Fully Persuaded Faith" is a powerful book with an even stronger message. I urge everyone to read it, apply the principles and watch God work miracles. Don't leave home without it!” -- Barbara Puff, Teacher

The book, “Fully Persuaded Faith” is well written and is full of the Word. I liked it.

- Johnny Lay, Pastor Emeritus

I just wanted to let you know I ordered and read your book this morning. I've always considered you a special person and wonderful supervisor. This book gave me an extra insight into why you have profound faith in Jesus Christ and the power of prayer inspiring. 

Although never really discussed, it was clear your inward joy and positivity, expressed so outwardly at work, was firmly rooted in your walk with the Lord. My favorite verses have always been Philippians 4:13 and Proverbs 3:5, having called upon those verses numerous times over the years raising children and dealing with aging parents.


Thanks for the 2 years of mentoring, instruction and support at work.


- Kathy Pearson, Registered Nurse

I have observed Marilynn’s life over 3 decades of friendship and “Fully Persuaded Faith” is a beautiful clarion shout of victory.  Hopefully, this book is the first of many books and she will continue to share the Word in her unique manner with both humility and A Holy boldness.

I have been blessed by God through not only her prayers and husband’s joint agreement but through prophetic Word of Knowledge and/or Wisdom in difficult situations. Prayer Jewels at the end of each chapter give insight on how to pray through real life challenges to victory! Testimonials will help many to overcome. I highly recommend Fully Persuaded Faith book to both old and young those who know and those who do not realize they need God. All will be blessed.

- Freda Robinson, Chemist

I have had the pleasure of knowing Marilynn James for many, many years. Our sister-friendship was born as co-workers when our kids were in grade school. Our sister-friendship quickly brought us together as kindred as we've experienced life together down through the years...we've also fellowshipped to celebrate birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and numerous losses of family members.  

In 2009, we celebrated Marilynn James, the Author, of "Fully Persuaded Faith." Fully Persuaded Faith is an awesome spiritual book spreading the good news about how the activation of faith and God's power answers prayer. Fully Persuaded Faith takes us on a journey and gives us miracle after miracle of how God works and how we can take God at his word and being fully persuaded that what he promised, he was able to perform - Romans 4:21.

Thank you, Marilynn E. James for being a beacon of hope and light; and spreading the gospel of Jesus through your words, your actions and your prayers.

- Renee McCline, Human Resources

“Fully Persuaded Faith” is a must have, and a must read. My mother died on May 21, 2020 after a lengthy illness. Marilynn knew that I needed something to encourage me and to strengthen my faith after 10 years of being a caregiver, her book did just that. I was encouraged by reading the messages of obeying God’s word, praying and believing what you ask in faith would come to pass. The Prayer Jewels were just that, jewels for thought. I was inspired by the testimonials, which increased my faith in what God can do. 

- Jackie Brown, Deputy City Clerk

"Fully Persuaded Faith" is an inspiring easy read full of situations from the life experiences of many different people. The book details Marilynn's perspective, faith and impact in each case. I have known Marilynn for over 12 years and worked with her in the health care industry. While reading the book you may imagine what it is like to know Marilynn. I can tell you that it would be hard to find a person more genuine, honest, nonjudgmental and faithful. Regarding testimonials, I have seen Marilynn in action. In a couple of what seemed to be "lost cause" situations Marilynn prayed and/or applied blessed oil. These situations reversed and the outcomes could not have been better. Thank you for being the person you are Marilynn. 

- Jan Appelhans

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