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Blessings in 2024!

Welcome, 2024! As we finish January let us be mindful that we have 11 months ahead to make, tweak, and complete goals, build future successes, mend relationships and release old mindsets, acquire new skills, and maintain exercise routines (you know that frequently exercise wanes by the end of the first month). We give ourselves a long-term gift with each personal exercise session.

I pray that we intentionally seek stronger relationships during 2024. It is easy to disagree, pout, cry fowl, and generally misbehave. Proverbs 20:3 highlights that "It's an honor for a man to keep away from strife [by handling situations with thoughtful foresight]. But any fool will [start a] quarrel [without regard for the consequences].

It takes courage to face an unpleasant situation with grace and sort it out. The sign of maturity is to actually work toward a solution. My husband always says that I should ask the question, "Where was the person when the paper was blank?"

As we know, critics show up to decipher what is written in the document. Often, they did NOT contribute to the content. When asked, the critic can tell you what's wrong; rarely can they specify what's right or what part of the plan needs expansion.

In this era of lowering personal responsibility standards, do the opposite. Guard your promises.

Matthew 5:37 reminds us "to say simply 'Yes' or 'No'. Anything beyond this comes from the evil one." This means that we have to check our calendars on our phones or computers before we confirm our attendance. This way we avoid over-committing to multiple activities on the same day or within the same week. As we age, keep the energy capacity barometer needed on the radar to complete tasks.

Family relationships are important. Take time to nourish them. If we have green thumbs, we add Miracle-Gro. Consider what type of Miracle-Gro is needed to bolster the relationship that keeps us

up at night or that receives many thoughtful hours during our waking hours. Pray about it. Then, take action. Plan a kind, creative thing each month. It doesn't have to be expensive.

So, we are off to a productive year when we take time to read the Scripture each day and pray for our world. We want more success. We want more peace. Stay focused. Blessings in 2024!

Calls to Action

  • Set and achieve achievable goals.

  • Build future successes.

  • Release old mindsets.

  • Build mutually, fruitful relationships.

  • Acquire new skills.

  • Exercise.

  • Sort through difficult situations with God's wisdom and grace.

  • Withhold harmful criticism; add value to any discussion or project.

  • Guard any promise.

  • Don't over-commit.

  • Nourish ourselves, our families and others.

  • Read Scriptures daily and pray for our world.

  • Purchase "Live Abundantly" on - it highlights how to increase business success. "Fully Persuaded Faith" addresses God's power to heal. Locate it on

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