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Block Bitterness, Forgive!

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

In today's world, each of us faces challenges with evolving relationships at home or with friends, in business or at school, etc. We are seeing these changes because reasonableness is being thwarted.

Self-directed thinking is prevalent. When we seek God's plan, unity is a byproduct, Psalm 133:1:

"How good and how pleasant it is for brethren (family members, friends, church associates or co-workers), to dwell together in unity!" Parenthesis is mine.

During the pandemic, we saw each other in real-time more than we had previously. So...

We learned more about ourselves and our loved ones than we ever knew before. Business partners

caught in the weight of the pandemic closures saw new levels of stress.

So... What are we dealing with today? We are handling fragile feelings and misunderstandings that require clarification. Listening is more important than any previous time. We do not necessarily want to spend the time or energy to rebuild the walls of the relationships. This takes focus, work, and dedication. Yet, careful consideration is needed to move forward.

Why? Tensions in situations subtly steal from our progress by blocking our productivity. Troubled interactions do not help us deliver our best, whether it is related to a personal or financial transaction. The strife of it slides us off our highest emotional intelligence. (See: Bible Verses for Fighting Bitterness | Tacoma Christian Counseling).

Emotional Intelligence

  • When we learn how to understand and manage our emotions, we increase our "Emotional Intelligence" (EI).

  • When we augment our EI, we clear a path to more satisfying relationships through discussion. Then, we are less likely to harbor bitterness or engage in strife. Proverbs 20:3 advises: "It is an honor to avoid strife."

  • Our perceived right to "be right" takes a different vantage position.

  • Rather, we utilize our skillset to broaden our perspectives about others and our lives.

  • As we investigate the how and why of our interactions - we can gain problem-solving and conflict resolution clarity.

Encourage Good Relationships

  • Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Ephesians 4:31 NIV

  • Exercise foresight and be on the watch to look [after one another], to see that no one falls back from and fails to secure God’s grace (His unmerited favor and spiritual blessing), in order that no root of resentment (rancor, bitterness, or hatred) shoots forth and causes trouble and bitter torment, and the many become contaminated and defiled by it, Hebrews 12:15 AMPC


  • Forgiveness is freeing. The offended individual can release the pain, anguish, and the pressure of the offense.

  • It does not mean that one minimizes or simply excuses an incident.

  • What occurs within a forgiving moment is the rekindling of self-love and appreciation that one is growing and capable of moving beyond the circumstance. Personal inner peace can occur.

  • This verse reminds us that we need forgiveness too and that is why it is good to forgive. "For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. - Matthew 6:14-15

  • We all seek mercy and forgiveness. This verse reminds us how forgiveness works. “Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven. - Luke 6:37. The question is - do we forgive others easily? I encourage us to seek and give forgiveness when necessary. Life is short; effective relationships contribute to life's successes. May God bless us to utilize emotional intelligence for influential interactions.

Calls to Action:

  • Increase emotional intelligence.

  • Actively listen.

  • Eliminate strife when possible.

  • Read how avoiding strife impacted one family in "Fully Persuaded Fatih", chapter ten - Life Coach M. Purchase on:

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