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Embrace Unity

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity, Psalm 133:1!

As we are dwelling in closer spaces quarantining, working from home, doing school remotely or hybrid – we need more grace with each other. Pre-pandemic, we saw each other after work, school or extracurricular activities; we didn’t interact with each other all day or need to be parent and teacher. Plus, some workers are putting in extra long days and arrive home very tired.

We are learning different things about our loved ones, that we may or may not have focused on before 2020. God wants us to consider each family member’s issues as well as delve into our own, so that we can be supportive.

As we seek insight in dealing with families, know that God’s plan is that we live in unity, with His help. This is hard to do when we feel so stretched, in all directions, because learning curves abound for everyone today.

I pray for extra strength and increased stamina for each family member, in Jesus Christ’s name. Also, I pray that every family need is met, from healing, mental support, finances, job maintenance, job searching and extra hands to assist those who are single parents and/or have multiple children with homework, in Jesus Christ’s name, Philippians 4:19. Blessing…

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