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God is Our Helper!

As I watched various world and USA news reports during this past

week, I found myself praying instantly with every report. Clearly,

it's an uncertain time.

I am reminded of the verse, "God is our refuge and strength, a helper

who is always found in times of trouble," Psalm 46:1

(HCSB). We all are praying for a strategy with Afghanistan

evacuations plus success with recovery efforts for those

wedged in the rubble after the Haitian earthquake,

with tropical storms in progress.

As our hearts absorb all that is happening around us,

keep rehearsing that God is our helper.

He is our support in each life scenario.

We may question why trouble exists in the world.

That's a pertinent inquiry.

Psalm 34:19 highlights that

"One who is righteous has many adversities,

but the LORD rescues him from them all."

What occurs to me as we see so many unusual things,

is that it's prayer time like never before. I do pray,

yet these issues tug at my heart and mind

during the night. I keep praying for those in the

rubble or those working to get through the lines in

Kabul, Afghanistan.

I keep thinking that my prayer matters across the waters,

especially if it was one of my family members -

I'd continue to ask God's help.

So, I call all of us to prayer action.

See the news report - pray.

Discuss how difficult the issue is - stop and

pray with your listener.

Hear about a tragedy - pray.

Someone truly appreciates your efforts, when

it reaches their need.

Marilynn, you may say - I don't know their names.

I'm ok with that. Why? God knows their situation.

Simply send prayer to the problem.

What we're doing is acknowledging God's power like

Proverbs 3:5-6 says. He will direct the path.

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