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Influence: Use It Effectively

Paul advised them, saying, "men, I perceive that this voyage will end in disaster and much loss, not only of the cago and ship, but also our lives". Nevertheless, the centurion was more persuaded by the helmsman and the owner of the ship, than by the things spoke by Paul, Acts 27:10-11.

Reason for the trip to Rome:

Initially, Paul persecuted the Church until he had a personal encounter with the Lord.

Later, he preached in the Jewish temple about repenting (expressing regret for wrongdoing), turning to God and doing works befitting repentance. Jewish leaders stated that Paul tried to profane the temple. They seized him and wished Paul to be judged by Jewish law.

However, a Roman centurion intervened and brought Paul before Felix, the local Roman official in charge. Felix heard the case, yet made no decision.

After 2 years, Festus succeeded Felix; the case came up before Festus, Acts 24:27.

Jewish witnesses were called to testify before Festus and King Agrippa, local officials in Caesarea. During this proceeding, Paul appealed to Caesar in Rome to review death charges, before he knew that neither presiding official found anything worthy of death or chains during their debrief, Acts 26:31. (These government officials were not influenced by the crowd).

Paul traveled to Rome via the Mediterranean Sea. They landed in Fair Havens - the journey was difficult due to the winds. Paul recommended that they spend winter there. However, the centurion was persuaded by the helmsman and owner to continue. Ultimately, the ship

wrecked. Lives were in peril. No one died!


1) When an issue is difficult - do we act as Felix? Do we glean the information and leave the outcome hanging? Take courage. Seek the information needed to conclude the matter.

2) Do we arrive at an incorrect decision because of public pressure. Festus and King Agrippa

debriefed; they were not moved by the public. I pray that we all find this wisdom when needed.

3) Is having our way so important that others are put in jeopardy? Weigh all components. Ask God to direct the appropriate decision.

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