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Life's Storms

Today, in the aftermath of Hurricanes Fiona and Ian, we have a renewed sense of gratitude for life and property. We learned the importance of preparing for the storm. Cities and towns filled sandbags to minimize damage, although they knew the meteorological predictions & path landfall point.

When we hear about potential changes from any tempest, our hearts flutter and our minds race in anticipation of what adjustments we will need to make in our individual lives. We treasure life and our daily normalcy.

With the devastation of the storms, we pull together. We dismiss divisive discussions because other more important things call. Could it be that God wants us to be in unity, rather than apart?

I have noticed families experiencing difficulties find effective collaborative paths while they fight the issue at hand. It is sad that trouble must occur to bring the alliance forward. God wants us to dwell together in pleasantness and in unity, Psalm 133:1! This is a powerful lesson to implement.

When we are angry with our families, friends, coworkers, bosses or churchmates, we dilute our strength and cogency. Our potency is augmented when we release others from their faults. I am not saying to defer addressing known issues, yet I am encouraging us to work through relationship hindrances.

This means that we all must seek to wear the other person's shoes and engage in enough observation and conversation to better understand their position. We have biblical instructions "not to befriend an angry person", Proverbs 22:24.

Could life's storms be the wind to drive us together and help us focus on important matters rather than trivia? Are life's storms meant to move us from the pupal to the chrysalis stage so that we develop our true wings and life purpose as butterfly does?

Calls to action:

1. Reach out to a loved one or friend today and share part of your life. Keep the connection.

2. Consider a relationship that endured a storm. What can you do now to clear it up?

3. Purchase Fully Persuaded Faith and read about personal trials. The Prayer Jewels give insight for overcoming trials. Also, Living Abundantly is available on: It highlights how one can reach success from many perspectives.

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