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Make Quality Decisions

If you do what the Lord wants, He will make certain each step you take is sure, Psalm 37:23.

I am observing that we all have multiple decisions to make each day. We may agonize

over the outcomes. High school and college students plan the next steps toward finishing

their education, including how to manage costs.

If we are parents, we direct the school age youngsters regarding homework or choose

engaging summer programs. If we are adult children, we may be at the point of discussing

whether a parent continues driving and whether it's time to change their residence to an

adult child's space or other formal care.

Similarly, we determine exercise, meals, sleep and life's directions. Financial and retirement

planning fit into this discussion. Leaders make choices too. Pray for them to make sound

plans. In other words, we are always in the midst of decision making. No one is exempt.

This verse reminds us to seek God's guidance as we distinguish what strategies apply. This

can be scary because things are unknown. Often, it is time consuming. Stay the course.

Solid steps yield fruit. Be blessed and on target in this endeavor!

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