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Mothers: Valuable Resources!

On this Mother's Day, we all are thinking about what our mothers, grandmothers, or great-grandmothers meant to us - be it positive or negative. We may also be remembering a special aunt, sister, or cousin who played a special role.

This weekend, we honor those who made a difference in our circumstances. When they made an impact, it may have seemed inconsequential. Yet, the memory of the deed(s) lingers today.

Honor means that we regard or treat the person with respect. During 2022 let us honor those that are distinguished beyond this holiday. We learned with COVID-19 that life is fleeting. Utilize the time that we have to uplift others often. Kind words, smiles, phone calls, text messages, Starbucks or Amazon gift cards go a long way. Share old photos or make new ones. Capture memories. Some things cost time only.

While Jesus was on the cross, He told His mother to "behold her son". He referred to John, who He loved. Jesus told John to "behold your mother". In this instance, Jesus was releasing His mother to another man on earth to care for her. Both individuals had an assignment, St. John 19:25-29.

So, it is with us. We have assignments to complete with other individuals. Be aware. Do not miss opportunities. When mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers pass off the scene, this day

is difficult. I extend my concern and prayers to you all that God will continually comfort you and your family.

Calls to Action:

  1. Encourage someone an additional time during 2022.

  2. Make a memory.

  3. Capture the event.

  4. Read "Fully Persuaded Faith":, Chapter 8 relates to an illness journey with Mom.

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