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Support One Another!

As we begin a new year, let us attend to our and others' needs, when practicable. The pandemic demonstrated that we focused on multiple things and may not have placed enough importance on our own self and family care. We now know that we have tools to better balance life's demands.

One tool is Psalm 94:19: “When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.”

The Lord has relief for us and those who interface with us, when we seek Him and solutions for our concerns. We can check out what we can do to flourish and uplift others.

What choices can we make?

  • Take time to understand yourself and those you interact with regularly. Process the changes that you experienced during the last two years. This can take time to fully grasp, since many feelings potentially flew under the radar while on quarantine.

  • Prioritize exercise, healthy eating and personal down time.

  • Hydrate. This provides refreshment.

  • Do a deep dive. What makes you smile or what makes your day? How can you leverage this information to advance your goals?

  • Keep a "grateful" journal. I write grateful points for each day.

  • Encourage someone. That restores your giving tank.

  • Find a cause that impacts others. This gives a two-way-benefit to the recipient and us as we extend our knowledge to assist.

Why is this important?

  • As we utilize the points above, we expand our resilience.

  • Implementing self-care options, catapults us to higher heights.

God wants us to grow through challenges in life, so we can see our development. The more we

evolve, our comfort levels increase.

Calls to Action:

  1. Support others as often as possible.

  2. Share Fully Persuaded Faith with a friend:

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