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Thanksgiving 2022

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

I am glad that we are privileged to celebrate Thanksgiving traditionally. Reflecting on 2022, I am amazed at God's goodness to our families and us. God sustained us through the pandemic, and we can unite with our families and friends again for this memorable American holiday.

Thanksgiving is an opportunity to contemplate how much we have and how we utilize our good fortune. Note: others from across the globe strive to arrive in our country, even though America has its own challenges. We were founded upon a scripture base and with an equality outlook.

As America referenced God in national discourses in the founding days, blessings flowed to the founders, their families, and to America's work. This distinction is evident to onlookers. Psalm 33:12 accentuates the point that "a nation is blessed when God is the Lord." We see the importance of our inheritance.

Many TV reporters choose heart-warming stories about the benevolent events sponsored from Thanksgiving through Christmas for the homeless, single parents or older citizens. Children and adults pour out their generosity during this season. The abundance is disseminated; this causes recipients to have grateful hearts as well.

I encourage everyone to appreciate their individual advantages. Health took a front seat during the height of the pandemic. We treasured family members more. Job dynamics were discussed and negotiated more than at any other time. Since travel was curtailed for two years, it is at the forefront in 2022.

Be blessed as we enter the holiday season and prepare for the New Year. You can add value to 2023

with the tools in "Fully Persuaded Faith" and "Live Abundantly" on Be the enrichment that you dream about when you buy, read and apply for the support provided by these resources.

Calls to Action:

  1. Give thanks.

  2. Make someone's life easier. Volunteer. Offer comfort if their loved one or friend is gone.

  3. Hug your family member in person, if possible. FaceTime, call on What's App or Duo. Let them know that they are special to you. Let go of past hurts. These separate us. Bonding takes less energy than arguing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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