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We Plan; God Directs!

We constantly envision, visualize, and plan throughout our lives. As we formalize our mental images, we may feel that these ideas are on point and will lead us to the monetary and successful outcomes we desire. Partners can contribute funds and additional business strategies or introduce us to investors. However, these endeavors can be risky if we start on the journey without consulting God's direction. You may ask, "Why is it important to collaborate with God before finalizing any intentions? Great question! First, we do not know the future. Next, we may not know the character of our partners, if we met them over the Internet, by phone, or in Zoom only, in this post-pandemic era. Thirdly, our plans are established. The questions below impact fruitful planning:

  • Are we proud or haughty?

  • Are we humble with those with lesser rank?

  • Are we seeking vast revenues without justice?

  • Do we please God, so that He allows our enemies to be at peace with us?

  • Do we sow strife?

  • Do we trust in God?

  • Do we seek His wisdom as we sketch and plan ideas?

  • Have we embarked on uncovering evil about others?

  • Have we whispered information that separated friends?

  • How do we feel about devising perverse things?

  • Is any correction that we receive perceived as foolish?

  • What's our stance on violence and leading others in ways that are not good?

How can we ensure that we flow with God? Read Proverbs 16:1:33.

  • Be honest.

  • Commence endeavors with righteousness.

  • Commit our ways to the Lord and our thoughts will be established.

  • Do not participate in wickedness.

  • Heed God's word; find good.

  • Keep one's way and preserve one's soul.

  • Know that the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.

  • Obtain wisdom more than gold.

  • Righteous lips delight the king.

  • Treasure a little with righteousness, more than vast revenues without justice.

  • Trust in the Lord and one will be happy.

  • When we fear the Lord, we depart from evil.

  • When our ways please the Lord, our enemies are at peace with us.

In summary, plans work well when they are conceived with good motives, without taking advantage

of others, reflect honest dealings, and are peace-abiding. May your planning be productive and include prayerful evaluation time before you begin your journey.

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