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Updated: Mar 21

March is Women's History Month. It celebrates women's contributions to culture, history, and society.

Freda Robinson, Principal Scientist is highlighted this month for her contributions in chemistry to a Fortune 500 beauty products company for over 28 years and 10 years as a senior chemist in a consumer products company.

She has been a wife for over 30 years, a mom to three adult sons, a bonus mom to one adult daughter and one adult son, and a grandmom to ten grandchildren. Freda is continually active in all their lives. She was very instrumental in her adult goddaughter's development and is now supporting the second-generation goddaughter and her brother.

Freda found time to mentor many chemists in the laboratory. They visited her site from all over the world. She has also encouraged those desirous of cooking expertise through a chef friend she partnered with to enhance young people's culinary skills.

Add to this story, her quest to learn the guitar with her husband, Ronald. She played for a church service last year.

She embodies the Scripture in Proverbs 18:24:

"A man with friends must show themselves friendly: and there is a friend that sticks

closer than a brother". Freda and I have been friends since 1991. We have had the privilege of encouraging each other as our families grew. We saw God's answers multiple times when her

mom's home health care visits were denied in certain situations. We prayed and her mom received

the desired/needed health worker(s) the next day after our prayers.

When my husband was laid off for 2+ years, she constantly called or texted me to hearten my confidence that "God would supply all of our needs according to the riches of His glory through

Christ Jesus", Philippians 4:19.

As she sought promotion to the Principal Scientist title, we confessed aloud that her elevation

"did not come from the east, west, or south - but from God", Psalm 75:6. Freda was extremely

happy when it was finalized.

Freda listens to the needs and promptly sends packages overnight. She's a giver, an encourager,

a tremendously analytical person, and a jewel.

Certainly, Women's History Month is the time to spotlight her accomplishments as a scientist.

Her teams yielded eighteen (18) patents over the years. Her career reach was across the world

through God's help and sustaining grace. Freda knows God who sticks closer than a brother.

Her birthday is March 22. She is someone that you should know!

Call to Action:

  • Reach out to a young person. Encourage them to seek excellence in their daily activities and prod them to make an impact on the world.

  • Purchase a copy of "Live Abundantly" to share with them about future work possibilities on:

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