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Front Line Performance

We celebrate National Nurses' Week during May. The collaboration of the team shown above is necessary for every occupation, home, work, community, church and school. Here's a shout-out to the

concerned, caring nurses who have endured long hours on the front lines and many undesirable situations during COVID-19. Thank you for your service and perseverance!

Businesses see cycles. We see cycles in life as well. Some things are unexpected. Some things are not ideal. Some things we would trade for any other circumstance in the world, like the pandemic moments. However, we do many activities on the front line.

Front Line Assignments

  • Parenting is a frontline endeavor. Someone dries tears, changes diapers, seeks medical help, and oversees homework assignments.

  • Single parenting adds another dimension to the demand that parenting requires.

  • Fire, paramedic and police personnel face the front line each day as well.

  • Caretaking belongs with the front-line discussion, especially when one assists a senior, aged parent since a balance of respect and care coordination are needed.

Let me share the "good news" that God is available to all "Front Line Workers". He knows when the burden is heavy. He knows when one is very tired. He recognizes when the path is difficult, arduous or distasteful. He protects us when we declare what Job 22:28 advises: " That we shall also decide and decree a thing, and it shall be established for us, and the light [of God's favor], shall shine upon our ways. March forward. Stay focused. Know that He understands and is a "refuge and strength. He is a very present help in trouble", Psalm 46:1. This includes every path. Be encouraged, Front Line Workers!

Calls to action:

  1. Call, text or email a Front-Line Worker this week to uplift them.

  2. Take a treat to the local fire or police station.

  3. Purchase a copy of "Fully Persuaded Faith" to share what it feels like when one is ill. See Chapter 10;

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