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He Loved Us!

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

We are commemorating Passover and the crucifixion this week. The Passover

"Passover is the oldest and most important festival of the Israelites as they left slavery in Egypt. Passover begins at sunset on the 14th of Nisan (the first lunar month of the Jewish calendar) and marks the beginning of a 7-day celebration, the highlight being the Seder meal to celebrate and rejoice in God's deliverance. 14 Top Passover Bible Verses - Encouraging Remembrance (

This meal is often referred to as the "Lord's Supper" since Jesus allowed us "to depend upon Him for sustenance as creatures and as sinners. We live through the death of his Son". 10 Things You Should Know about the Lord’s Supper | Crossway Articles. God sent His son to rescue us from the penalty of

our wrongdoings. Usually, one does not step in a no-win situation for others. Jesus did!

The Lord loved us so much that He took the scourging, belittling remarks, the puncture in His side, the crown of thorns, and the casting lots for His garments to provide us an opportunity for life,

Matthew 27:24-35. John 10:10 relates that Jesus came to give us life abundantly.

The cross was a place where criminals died. Jesus did not belong on the cross, yet He decided to die instead of you or me. We are the ones who "sinned (made mistakes) and fall short of the glory of God,"

Romans 3:23. We deserved death, yet He took our place; This showed a great love for us and our well-being! It included every generation!

Now, we can move forward in life with abundance, wisdom, glory, and confidence. God wants us to follow Him and fulfill our destiny in peace and joy.

Continue. Don't be afraid.

Calls to Action:

  1. Seek God.

  2. Trust Him.

  3. Purchase Fully Persuaded Faith or Live Abundantly:

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