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Remembering Moms!

This Mother's Day, I want to congratulate all moms, stepmoms, foster moms, grandmoms,

great-grandmoms, great-great grandmoms, God-moms, aunts, and those ladies

who contribute to young people's overall success without being dubbed with a "mom" title.

You, ladies, make a difference in someone's life each day. Thank you for showing up to care, clean, cook, coordinate, advise, do pick-ups or homework, and train. These activities are long-term,

time-consuming, and repeated hundreds of times over the years. The extensive efforts pay off.

It's also important to pray for young people and all the support systems around them, including their friends, those families, teachers, coaches, and neighbors. We pray for consistent role models to yield good fruit in their lives, James 3:17. "Gentleness, mercy, and peace" are needed from a mom or mom figure.

Any pearls of wisdom imparted are treasured and remembered. My mom taught me that "everyone understood "concern". This has proven true in my life. It's been a tide-turning truth when I figured out what kind of "concern" a person needed. She also told me that the "university did not accept me because of my ethnicity. I had the skill to complete the work & graduate". Those words gave me resilience for 4 years.

Moms teach life-long lessons regarding cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, ironing, washing, folding clothes, balancing finances, working, and driving. These skills assure one's self-sufficiency. It doesn't mean that all moms train on all the skills; moms connect with others to achieve these necessities.

My son's God-mom was always available to suggest transitional strategies. She made multiple spot-on assessments over the years.

A good family friend, my daughter's God-mom, and aunts added variety to their lives with different excursions. Their learnings during these moments gave perspective to the growth years.

Sometimes, we think that we need to spend a lot of money. Often, toddlers have a lot of fun with pots and pans. Older children may enjoy time playing games, baking, visiting the park or library, playing ball, skating, swimming, or running with adults. Pick the activity; involve the child in decision-making. This increases their enjoyment. It boils down to time spent. Young people notice attendance at their events.

When young people hit rough spots because of illness, situations, study struggles, self-perception, drugs, inappropriate friends and choices, work to understand. Get support. Know that resources still have an impact.

Moms, there is no specific manual for our children. I wish that there were. I do know that steady application of prayer, truth, training, concern, and participation gets the young person through most

junctures in life. Excellent job! Thanks for serving faithfully!!!

Call to action:

  1. Encourage a mom who might receive an accolade today.

  2. Purchase "Fully Persuaded Faith" on Amazon or https://www, "Live Abundantly" is available on my website. Both offer ideas to navigate life.

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