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Remembering Our Military!

Today, we honor those military members who gave their lives to protect the freedom that

we have in the United States. Their preparation for duty, dedication to duty, desire to serve,

and sacrifice when deployed is not forgotten.

These men and women demonstrated the greatest gift of love by supporting governing authorities. Romans 13:1 reminds us that "everyone must submit himself to governing authorities. There

is no authority except that which God established." They worked to maintain governing authority.

This was a high place to serve. They may not have realized their part in fulfilling the Scripture.

Families serve as well. There can be many re-assignments and adjustments when traveling as a family in the military. Leaving family, friends, churches, and schools is difficult. Stabilization anew

is part of the military horizon. Knowing this - does not make it easier. We applaud and appreciate these endeavors time and time again!

We can reach out to those remaining family members that we know to encourage them either today or in the near future. Let them have extra contact with you - because of Memorial Day. Knowing that someone still cares is important!

Call to action:

  1. Encourage someone today or in the near future.

  2. Send a card and/or a care package to a current service person that you know.

  3. Remind someone that "Fully Persuaded Faith" and "Live Abundantly" are available to accompany them with life's situations on:

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