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Marilynn James

Author. Speaker. Trainer.

Why Faith?

I was inspired to write Fully Persuaded Faith as I watched God repeatedly deliver answers to prayer requests for my family, for my friends and for me. 

In 2009, I wanted to encourage others by documenting His great faithfulness. I revised the
Fully Persuaded Faith in 2020, so that I could include pandemic realities with prayer outcomes and a perspective about how we pray when situations are so variable and unknown. 

I am privileged to be a co-worker and partner with God in prayers with many others over the years. Apostle Paul urges you not to receive God’s in vain, 2 Corinthians 6:1. By reading the testimonies of this book, be propelled to receive the answers to your prayers. 

There are many examples of God's deliverance in different ways and surely there is a situation that closely reflects anything you are currently encountering. Use the prayer jewels as guideposts for your manifestation. 

- Marilynn James

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Book Reviews

“Fully Persuaded Faith” is a beautiful clarion shout of victory.  Hopefully, this book is the first of many books and she will continue to share the Word in her unique manner with both humility and A Holy boldness.

"Fully Persuaded Faith" is a powerful book with an even stronger message. I urge everyone to read it, apply the principles and watch God work miracles. Don't leave home without it!”

Fully Persuaded Faith takes us on a journey and gives us miracle after miracle of how God works and how we can take God at his word and being fully persuaded that what he promised, he was able to perform - Romans 4:21.

Freida Robinson,

Barbara Puff,

Renee McCline,  


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In 2009, Marilynn authored her first book “Fully Persuaded Faith”.  Marilynn was inspired to write her book after repeatedly witnessing the miracles and manifestations of God in her life, her family’s and friends’ lives.  

Marilynn is an avid reader and enjoys traveling with her husband, Darnell of 35 years.

They raised a son and daughter and enjoy spending time with their grandchild. 


Marilynn currently mentors youth and young adults. She is looking forward to expanding in the Coaching arena to help young people develop life skills and learn how to manage some of the stresses that come along the way. 

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