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Listening For God's Voice

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

When family or peers give us their undivided attention as we relate our story, we enjoy their camaraderie and captivation. There are four types of listening: 1. Empathetic listening - we listen to understand someone's story.

2. Appreciative listening - we listen to enjoy music or a program.

3. Comprehensive listening - we listen to learn something new.

4. Critical listening - we listen to form an opinion about the material presented or for a sales pitch.

As we actively listen, we can summarize what we heard, confirm the data and ask open-ended questions. These activities lead us to more engaging conversations. For more information:

The same is true as we listen to spiritual things whether it is a radio program, podcast, sermon or when we read our daily devotional or bible. What we hear triggers reflections of life experiences. The goal of listening is to gain insight into our lives, future paths, and our contributions to the world.

James 1:19 says: "Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger." When we are quick to hear, we can listen for content and applicability to our lives and

situations. If we are slow to speak, we gain an advantage by completely hearing the points presented.

Ecclesiastes 7:9 instructs that those who are quick to be angry, have anger abiding in their hearts.

Listening attentively and actively is a skill that is perfected over time. Allowing quiet time at the beginning or end of the day, can enhance one's listening for God's voice. Listening and seeking a

a path forward can coincide with daily planning.

Calls to action:

  1. Be quick to hear, to increase one's breadth of information.

  2. Be slow to speak.

  3. Do not be soon angry. Anger changes the balance of the conversation.

  4. Purchase a copy of "Fully Persuaded Faith" at

  5. Read Angela's story in Chapter 10. It depicts a challenging listening time.

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