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Relieved and Obliged

I am remembering when I crossed train tracks at work several years ago. I traveled

across the city to a business meeting with senior management. Our building was

on the city's river. The train tracks were between the city's parking lot and the

corporate facility.

I parked my car and proceeded toward the corporate building. One small detail, the heel of my

shoe got caught in the train track. I continued walking, not knowing that I would cascade forward

onto my knees, hands and face on the tracks. Because I was shaken up, I was not thinking I needed to quickly get up off the tracks. However, my left knee was very painful.

The security guard came out to rescue me and pick me up. He propped me up on my feet and told me that I was ok. "It was a hard fall, but you are not hurt. You came downtown for a meeting. You just have to clean your clothes and comb your hair. Then, you can enter the meeting."

Wow! How did he know that I was not hurt? I thought. I limped into the building. I went to a nearby mirror and sink to arrange everything.. I did enter the meeting, very relieved that I was only shaken up with contusions/bruises. Everything else would heal.

As Thanksgiving approaches, reliving this incident floods my mind with gratitude that we have very sturdy bodies. No broken bones that was a miracle, considering how much momentum I gained as I fell. No broken nose, great! I could still breathe. Nothing broken - amazing! I was so thankful!

Join me. Think about anything that happened to you. Did you reflect on the small points that could

have achieved an adverse outcome? How would you approach the situation differently? This is a good

place to give thanks.

Thought Questions:

1. Did we give God thanks for His protection all year?

2. Did we honor God for another day of life? Multiply your age by 365. H ow many times did we receive days did we have blessings that we did not focus on?

3. Did we bless Him at all times like Psalm 34:1 says?

4. Did we give Him glory for His daily benefits, Psalm 103:2?

We are nearing Thanksgiving. I am sharing my sentiments about this business episode. Perhaps you have a school, parenting, single living, church, business or family example. Whichever you choose,

spend time with reflection on how obliged we can be for life and for moving through tough situations. We are moving from the pandemic quarantines and that they were restrictive. We can be joyful that we are here to participate in another Thanksgiving!!

I was relieved after the parking lot incident. Now, I am obliged to the Lord for his kindness, protection and mercy to me. I was able to carry out my original plans for the day.

I pray that you and your family have a safe, collaborative Thanksgiving. May there be healing of long term issues that have distracted or fractured relationships. Grace and forgiveness are released to us all!

Calls to Action:

1. There are 4 points above that I encourage you to use as a guideline within your life. God truly loves us and "gave His life for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good," Titus 2:14.

2. Share a copy of "Fully Persuaded Faith" for the holiday; purchase on:, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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